Sunday, November 09, 2008

What a Difference Four Years Make

Four years ago, I was so depressed by where our country found herself, so saddened by the depths of inexplicable depravity in which she had wallowed for more months than I cared to count, that I could barely rouse myself on the morning after the 2004 election. I had held so tightly, so desperately,to an unfounded hope that the silent majority would miraculously arise, shake the fog from their heads, and hand the Bush Administration its walking papers. I could not quite believe that my fellow Americans would award the Axis of Evil an additional forty-eight months to indulge its acquisitive lust for power, money, and more power.

And so I rose on the morning after Election 2004--the election that I firmly believed would be the most important of my lifetime--hope warring with dread in the core of my being, looked out the window at the new day and contemplated…

I decided I would let the dawn be the omen. If we had a spectacular
sunrise, no matter who won, things were going to be all right. A rainy, drizzly,
weeping dawn would foretell of dire consequences for our nation. Funny thing…I
knew the forecast was for sun today…knew the rain had stopped and the clouds had
scuttled away before we went to bed last night. I think I was creating a
scenario in my mind where my "good omen" daybreak was more than likely to

But we didn’t have a spectacular sunrise. The day dawned bright and
brittle. The sun just marched up over the horizon, cold and hard in the east.
And it frosted last night…the first frost of the season. The bright hard rays of
the rising sun glittered off the sodden masses of my garden flowers that were
killed by the frost. So, tell me…what kind of omen is that? Coming to Terms… November 3, 2004.

November 5, 2008 dawned grey and drizzly and dark…very much a typical late autumn day in the Pacific Northwest.

Yet I jumped out of bed, bustled into the café and gushed to my staff and any customer within earshot:

“Isn’t it a beautiful day!"

And I wasn’t talking about the weather.


Melissa said...

I so agree with you!!!!!!

Robbie said...

What you've described reminds me of something that they used to do to look for a sign from God in the 'church' I used to be a part of ages ago. Shoot, I can't quite remember the religious term...something about hides...or something. In other words, attributing or forecasting the future based on something random that would have no control over the actual event you wanted to be swayed.

Anyhow...I'm curious to see where your writing takes you now that you don't have the horror of the Bush administration as fodder.

Darn! I'm going to have to research that term. It'll drive me nuts until I recall it.

Tressa Bailey said...

OMG... This is true Lisa, you have spent so much of your talent on trying to tell the world the truth, What will you write about now?

I can almost see the twinkle in your eyes...

I bet it will be inspiring!

Lisa :-] said...

Ladies, the horror wrought by the Bush Administration and the damage done by the worship of big business and the almighty dollar are not going to go away immediately. I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about for a long time to come... :-]

Indigo said...

I read the past 3 entries with a smile. It is the dawn of hope for this country for the first time in a very long time.

I agree with your comment to your friends, it took years to make the mess this country found herself in. It won't go away or find a cure for what ails her overnight. Obama has his hands full, but I do believe he's the right president for the job. (Hugs)Indigo

Sheria said...

I read some comments that you left regarding gay marriage on another blog and I was so impressed that I had to visit and see what else that you had to say. I'm still impressed.

CC said...

Too bad you're a complete idiot and have no clue. It's the Clinton Admin and all they did that's put our nation in the turmoil it's in now. Of course you liberals like to live with your hand in the sand. It's sad honestly that so many people are as ignorant as you. But you just keep on blaming the Bush admin. and when Satan is laughing because you just elected the anti Christ to lead our country, remember you'll only have yourselves to blame as you literally burn in Hell.

Remember...Hitler promised "CHANGE" too, well they got it and so will the US

Lisa :-] said...


One of us is going to "burn in hell," but I'm pretty sure it's not going ot be me... Hell is self-inflicted, my friend, and it looks like you're already in it.

I pity you and your kind, but I'm also thank the Universe that you are on your way out of power.

JACKIE said...

Interesting how the burn in hell commenter was too cowardly to leave a link so we could where he/she was coming from.

JACKIE said...

As id it isn't bloody obvious. Last time I checked Clinton didn't order out troops into Afghanistan or Iraq. Enron didn't happen on Clinton's watch. And nobody asked applicants at the justice department why they wanted to "serve" George Bush.

blondepennie said...

Lisa, It has taken me a bit, but I have finally found you. Now I really feel like I might be in a friendly place. You have no idea how much I have missed your writing. Pennie