Wednesday, January 14, 2015


So here’s a story for you.  It was linked to by a liberal friend of a friend on Facebook this morning.

While nodding your head and snickering behind your hand, thinking privately (or not-so-privately) that we have 9/11’s and Charlie Hebdo massacres because there exists a popular world religion so backward that it would follow such screwy practices in the 21st century...

Ask yourself:  Is this any funnier or more ridiculous than millions of folks the world over believing that, in the midst of a mystical ceremony with incantations and gesticulations, a flat disc of dried library paste actually BECOMES the flesh of a long-dead Jewish prophet?  And that consuming one of these wafers daily, or at least weekly, provides essential spiritual benefit?  Hilarious, no?

Hey.  I’m not a bigot.

I was raised Catholic.  But I outgrew it.

And I defy any Catholic who reads this not to feel at least a molecule of anger or indignation.

Point made.