Thursday, October 02, 2008


Okay...I posted a title.


Anyhow, the woo-hoo was because I just found out that you can pick the date of a post. So, theoretically, that means I can go to "Coming to Terms..." bring the posts here, and put the proper dates on them, and they will go back into the archives and line up just the way I want them.


And now I have to go DO that thing and see if it works...

Okay...IT WORKS. It's going to be tedious and time consuming. But it works.

And if anyone knows a better, faster way to do this thing, I'm listening...


Kathy said...

Really? We can do that!? Wow. Okay, not tonight because it is getting late, but I'm going to just try it out a little bit. Hmm. You are so clever to think about that date thing.

Christina K. Brown said...

That is how I got my blog over to the "dark" side when I left AOL over the ads...and it is great. You can even make a post and have it hit your blog in the future.

I thought that AOL was migrating the public blogs to blogger for you though? I read it on Magic Smoke. (Aptly named, no?)