Sunday, July 09, 2006


consuming ache
the mid-century body
chafes at the discipline
of the long-forgotten dance
     two steps forward
     one back
     sidestep, duck, weave…

while mental fibers
desperately clench
clinging by fingernails
to a world of the mind
     hard-won and cherished

that prison, womb, sanctuary
holy place of silence, solace,
and finally rebirth
no turning back
     there to here
     then to now
     healing to healed

must fantasy die
by reality’s sword
must one door close
for another to open
     goodbye to words
     and art and abstract
     buried under concrete rubble


emmapeelDallas said...

I like this, especially: no turning back, there to here, then to now, healing to healed. Healing to healed...that's a very good thing.


Paul said...

I don't think Lisa the restauranteur needs to bury neiher Lisa the artiste nor Lisa the activist.