Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Will Not

As you ponder the daily outrageous antics of our juvenile idiot-in-chief, and you bang your head on your desk in frustration that, no matter what he does, he seems utterly untouchable, and inexplicably in it for the duration…. consider this:

There has been a Congress in Washington DC led by a fractured, ineffective Grand Old Party since 2010.   A group of men (and a few hapless women) whose only objective for seven long years has been to acquire and rabidly defend POWER.

Power used exclusively to enhance their own fortunes, through enhancing the fortunes of those who already have more money than they will ever need, and will use that excess to buy a government that will slavishly do their bidding.   

Power that they either can not or will not use to enrich the lives of the common American people…the people who might still naively  believe that the Congress is beholden to them.  

Power that, because of the deep fractures within the party, cannot be harnessed for action, but can only be laid, bulky and paralyzed, as an enormous blockade in front of the wheels of progress. 

For seven years.

Don’t forget that the only thing, the ONLY thing, this Congress has accomplished in seven years is to impede, to every extent possible, the ability of a duly elected president from the opposing party to serve the people of the United States of America.  This Congress’ greatest accomplishment, in 7 years, was to deny that president his Constitutionally granted right to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court.

This is the Congress of “Can’t.”

This is the Congress of “Won’t.”

Think of that the next time our hideous caricature of a Chief Executive does something outrageous, preposterous, or downright dangerous, and then just skates on to his next escapade, untouched and unimpeded by…anything.

Realize that it is in the hands of the Congress of Won’t to keep this moron in check before he destroys the country.

Realize that the Congress of Won’t began destroying America seven years ago. 

And they aren’t inclined to stop now.      

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Rozy Lass said...

Actually the Congress of won't began long, long ago and is imperceptibly the same no matter which party is the majority. But I agree that the real problem is the Congress who are the ones who should be making legislation to make life better for We the People, not just them.