Sunday, August 27, 2006

Time Spent With My Sister's Daughter

This evening, we sat and explored the possibilities of an "ancient’" game of Intellivision. This fourteen-year-old and I. The young lady who was a baby…yesterday. The one baby, the only baby I have ever loved from the moment I laid eyes on her. As if she were my own.

So much water under the bridge now… Distances and commitments. Lives and loves and jails and little autistic brothers. It seems…it was so long ago. And the connection thought long severed. Yet, in the deepest reaches of our souls, it is there.

That inexplicable love… The first I have ever known of what has been labeled the "unconditional" variety of that particular commodity.

I truly believe that, no matter what that child does…I could never, ever turn my back on her. Never walk away. Though…maybe I thought that same thing of her three cousins. Far away from me, now…distances measured in more than simply miles.

How I long to keep this one close. How I long to be, to her, the aunt I shall never again be to the other three.


Robbie said...

I've never heard of intellivision. How ancient is it?!? ;-P

ckays1967 said...

this is so beautiful....and searing.


Cynthia said...

Your desire here leaps off the page.

gigi said...

I adore my nephews and try to let them know that I am always here ~ by keeping an open heart, an open mind and an open door. We can only hope to keep them close; the rest is up to them.

ps ~ I just read that and it occurs to me that it also helps to keep an open wallet... ;D

Globetrotter said...

Beautiful entry, Lisa. Your niece is fortunate to have an aunt that cares so deeply. A fourteen year old girl can be a pain in the neck. This one obviously is not.

gigi said...

Just dropped by thank you for the sweet hugs on my site. Thank you! But are you not posting anymore? What up? :)