Wednesday, June 14, 2006

...And What Timing!

I’m absolutely certain those Guantanamo detainees who killed themselves the other day did so purely for the PR value of the act. Obviously, a bleeding heart liberal whack-job sneaked into the prison, disguised as an Electrode Adjustment Technician. Leaned in and planted a bug in the ear of some strapped-down detainee, left momentarily unsupervised, wavering in and out of psychosis: “It’s Torture Awareness Month, Abdul. Think of the impact your death will have if you hang yourself tonight when you get back to your cell. And make a pact with as many other prisoners as you possibly can…the more deaths, the better the press!”

Abdul’s pain-dulled eyes cleared and lit up immediately at the thought of stretching his own neck for the cause of generating negative press for his captors. “This’ll show them…erk. ..llkk ...aakkk ...aughhhh!”

Liberals and ragheads. They’ll do anything to destroy America's good standing among the nations of the world.


emmapeelDallas said...

I get so angry, reading variations on this that are serious! What have we come to?


Cynthia said...

I'm with Judi. I've read far too many serious versions of this.

Andrea Rusin said...

Sarcasm becomes you! Seriously.... isn't it just despicable the way this event is being framed? I'm appalled at us.

gigi said...

Hadn't you heard? They committed suicide shortly after Bill O'Reilly visited.

Apparently, they took one look at the prime piece O'Work that is O'Reilly in his full All-American-Alpha-Male-Awesomeness, realized that resistance was futile and off-ed themselves in despair.

Do you think they'll be rewarded with 72 Ann Coulters in the afterlife?