Sunday, April 23, 2006

Whaddya think....?

Remember the disastrous job experience I wrote about, right around this time last year? (Come to think of it, I only wrote about the job in "Coming to Terms..." I wrote about the disaster in "Brainsurfing"...  But, trust me; it was a disaster.) 

Well, guess what? The "scene of the crime" just went on the market. And yours truly happens to be IN the market…for a local restaurant opportunity. Okay…what do you think I should do?


gigi said...

I was wondering whatever happened to that job. And now I still don't know. "Scene of the Crime?" Is there a body bricked up in the walls? And are you responsible?

If so, by all means buy the building immediately! And open a swank eatery. You could call it PostSecrets... ;D

TJ said...

I read your entry money etc. and I have to say Sista we are traveling in the same canoe. I feel like we have been raped yet we both work everyday...make you wonder doesn't it?
Stop over to say hello through Judi journal.
Hi I am TJ

Globetrotter said...

I followed the link but couldn't discover what the disaster was, so I hate to give you advice.

But if they put that topless bar up around the corner, it may indicate that there's some seediness in the area.

Also, if this restaurant went out of business that quickly, there may be reasons other than bad food.

I need more info!

Andrea Rusin said...

Heavens, I don't know. But I'm quite confident that you can do whatever you set your mind to. The only question is whether or not this is an opportunity worthy of your efforts.

emmapeelDallas said...

Ohhhhhh...I have a few friends who've had restaurants, and they worked around the clock and yet...and yet...I am a firm believer in following your passion, whatever it is...especially because, in middle age, that's what I miss the most, having work that I really, really love...

I wanna hear more about this!



Anonymous said...

Follow your heart!! You can accomplish anything that you set your mind to and do it well! I am rootin' for you. Hugs, Lisa/CW2sMom